About Us
train like a girl body positive studio

Train Like a Girl is not just a gym, it’s a revolutionary act of radical self-acceptance and love through movement and community support. It is a space where you are encouraged to come as you are and is committed to helping women realize the power of being enough, just as they are.


Because we strive for diversity you won’t see a certain “type” of women at Train Like a Girl. We welcome the idea that everyone looks different, we have different lives and struggles, we are at different places on our unique journey and we strive to be supportive in that. We, as a supportive community come together as one with wanting more, empowerment, confidence, strength, FUN and collaboration with other women.


If you love being around supportive women in a environment designed to make peace with your body and food, then TLAG is your home. You don’t have to be “in shape”, an athlete, or experienced to belong. All we ask is that you come with an open mind and open heart to show kindness, support and respect to others. That you show up with whatever you have on that given day and listen deeply to your body’s needs. We ask that you trust the guidance and coaching in each session. The goal is to safely help you get stronger. We have your best interest at heart.

Women of all shapes and sizes sweating together and supporting each other. For your first session, come in whatever you feel comfortable moving in. You are welcome to bring a towel from home or use one of ours, bringing a reusable water bottle is encouraged but not required. We have a no-charge water station available. It is perfectly naturally at times to feel nervous, scared, and uneasy. Rest assured you are entering a safe and welcoming space. Have a moment of bravery, show up and we will support you along the way.

You must be 15 years or older to participate in group sessions. Parental consent is required for anyone under 18 years old. Special programs and Private training may be available for girls under 15.

Lots of fun! Lots of random dancing! Lots of Sweat! And LOTS of opportunities to feel ridiculously proud of yourself. At each session we will perform a body awakening warm-up which includes stretching, mobility, core activation and blood flow exercises geared towards the session format. The coach will then review the training exercise for the day and explain each movement with varies options for intensity levels. Then, you be formed into supportive pairs and that is when the magic happens! You will dance, stroll or crush your way through 30 – 40 mins of coach guided circuit training. During this time, you are free to rest, grab water and push yourself as you see fit.

Each general session is designed to finish within 60 minutes. Our as our members like to call it their “happy hour” or “hour of power”. EXPRESS 30 classes are completed within 30 minutes. Please see the class schedule for more information.

Yes! We offer special rates for students. In special circumstances, we will offer discounted memberships to those in unique situations or struggling with economic stressors as well. We never want finances to be a reason for lack of self-care. Please use the contact us tab to discuss further details.

At the moment we are open for scheduled sessions only and private training.

A positive attitude! We also encourage you to bring a refillable water. We recommend not training in heavy running shoes or trail shoes. A flat soled training shoe or sneakers are encouraged. You are welcome to train barefoot or in socks if that is comfortable for you as well.

Train Like a Girl is currently holding its sessions out of Greens Athlete Performance studio. Owned and operated by Virgil and Jeremiah Green.

Yes. If you are under the supervision of a physician who believes it is safe for you to exercise we will gladly accommodate your specific needs. Any concerns or limitations your medical provider has can be openly communicated via written or verbal communication.

Our Philosophy

I believe that together a strong group of supportive women is a force to reckoned with.


I believe that every woman, no matter her size or condition level has the potential to become her strongest, most mentally fit, most confident version of herself inside and outside of training sessions.


I believe that when a woman is authentic in her true self when she is able to share her strengths and weaknesses with others when she is able to break away from the social stigmatism of health and beauty she will be unstoppable.


I believe that with a knowledgeable coach, an empowering program, and a safe training environment a woman should push herself beyond any mental boundaries to become physically stronger in the gym if it’s for the right reasons. The goals set and her coach should leave her feeling powerful. Allowing her to discover a potential in herself she never knew existed.


I believe that strength and mental grit can be developed through training. The physical strength a woman builds in the gym transfer into life. Allowing her the transformation she is truly seeking, confidence in herself, strength in her relationships, career, & ability to handle mental & emotionally stressors more clearly.


I believe women should be encouraged to share their unique stories and they should celebrate that uniqueness. Women should embrace each other. They should choose to love and respect one another no matter how different they may seem.


I believe training should be a beautiful, empowering experience with a community where women are free to be unique and thrive in their own version of strength.


I believe all women are capable of training fiercely if they are willing to work hard and have a positive attitude. If they are willing to invest energy in themselves. If they are willing to understand that it’s not selfish but completely necessary to make time for themselves.