We focus on all that we have to gain from loving our body instead of all that we have to lose with hate for it. Because when you train with TLAG you will never be handed a get tone quick manual or an unrealistic diet plan.



In an industry that profits off body-hate and making women feel “less than” or feel like they are too much. We at TLAG break that mold.  I emphasize body positivity, empowerment, and strength over societies body ideal. I believe health has no set shape or size, we follow the principles of healthy at every size. Women are free to move their body in a judgment-free space. A space to come just as you are! There is no competition with others in the TLAG community, just collaboration in a “YOU GOT THIS, GIRL” kind of way!


Being a part of a Body Positive Studio means joining the revolution and being OPENLY DEFIANT against the fitness industry rules for our body! It means showing up for strength, confidence, stress relief, friendship, but most importantly FOR YOURSELF!