I spent a weekend in May soaking up the sacrifice, love, energy, sadness. empowerment, suffering, guidance, yummy ooey gooey, soul-filling knowledge of so many women and men. My heart was torn open for the pain that is given to us to conform to society then it was refilled by the majestical energy of women and men willing to rise above that message. I wish I could box all of them in a to-go box and keep them with me to share them with YOU! My people.



I stepped out of this conference on fire to share this message with YOU, only to be greeted instantly by a social media reminder that our bodies are reduced to “sex appeal”. My heart was broken by the women and men who saw that message, even being comfortable in my body I felt vulnerable, unworthy and questioned if anyone would listen to my message in this noisy world. I started to make their story my own. I was defeated before I even started. This voice inside me, the voice so loudly from the women and men I met sent reminders to me “you can’t change all the ugliness in the world but you can bring in more beauty to it”. On that thought, I will keep on fighting the good fight to teach The Body Positive message for myself, for my boys, for your daughters, for your sons, for their future, and for YOU! I vow to no matter how noisy this journey gets with the message of self-hatred, I will spread the message of self-compassion like glitter and hope it sticks to you just the same way.


I am SO excited to announce I am Licensed with The Body Positive as a coach. It’s been one heck of a journey getting here but I DID IT!! Here’s to LOVIN this body, this vessel, THIS LIFE! I’m coming for you VISALIA be prepared to find your beauty!