For many women, summer is a time of body image issues and anxiety. When asked a mind-blowing 85% of women have opted out of summertime activities because of body image issues. Missing out on precious time with family and friends for fear of their bodies being judged.


While summer may be a time you feel vulnerable and stigmatized for not having a “perfect body”, I want to share some tips to boo…st your confidence so you don’t miss one more pool party.


It’s YOUR body: You have been gifted one body for life. Don’t be so quick to judge it on appearance alone. It does awesome things like, KEEP YOU ALIVE! Honor your body story and show it some love for being there for ya longer than any celebrity marriage.



Care..less. If people are offended by how you look in a bathing suit, GOOD let them, that says more about their character than yours. People will always have opinions on your life and body regardless of how successful you are, how you look, or how you eat. Don’t let the pathetic opinions of others steal your sunshine! Keep on to rocking that body, you know your value is more than a number.


Shop “Body Positive” companies. Girrrrrllll! There are companies popping up EVERYWHERE with swimsuits made for all body types. Companies like “Swimsuits for All” and “CoCo Reef” are killing it with their bootylicious suits. The best swimsuit is the one that makes you feel like you’re on the Catwalk.


Lastly, Check yourself! You are your own worst critic. If you get invited to a pool party it’s because your friends WANT to see you in a swimsuit having fun…I hate to break it to ya too, more than likely no one really cares what you look like because they are too busy thinking about what they look like. So, I dare ya to channel the hip-shaking confidence of BeyoncĂ© and go ROCK YOUR BODY this summer and when you do use the hashtag #fiercefitvisalia so we all can admire your beauty too!