Often times I hear “Body Positivity is for fat people who are too lazy to change their life”.


My response is

  • Why should people who don’t fit societies standards not be allowed to feel good about themselves as an overall person?
  • Since when did being “fat” become the worst thing a human could be?
  • When has guilt, shame and feeling unworthy ever really motivated people for a change?



Imagine your deepest regrets, the ones so dark you would be ashamed for others to know, now wear those tattooed on the outside of your body like a scarlet letter for all the world to see. How many people would show you respect, grace or love? Would others ask your story of how that regret came about or would they just judge you based off what they see? How motivated would you feel to come out of isolation if you knew everyone would stare, comment or make fun of your regret?


That is how “fat people” feel daily. There is judgment, hatred & misconceptions based solely on what others see on the outside. Their scarlet letter worn for others to judge while the ones judging get to hide their regrets deep inside.


Body Positivity is the freedom to see beyond how much space humans take up on this earth. Allowing that freedom to EVERYONE who struggles with finding their value beyond their weight or body image. To break-free from isolation which is the thing that we all would have in common if our regrets were left open for the world to judge.