Anyone that has ever dieted knows this story all too well.


“Ugh, I hate my body. I need to go on a diet.”


  • You start your diet, shake, pill, restrictive form of eating..
  • You ignore your body when it screams “I’m HUNGRY”
  • You give in and eat something on the approved list
  • You start to think about food more often (What can I eat? When can I eat? I want MORE)
  • You start to stress that failure is around the corner AGAIN
  • You start to release Cortisol from that stress (signaling fat storage & slow metabolism)
  • You increase production of Ghrelin hormone (intensify hunger signals)
  • You start to have uncontrollable cravings from being restrictive
  • You give in and eat whatever you “shouldn’t be eating”
  • You feel guilt, shame, & like a failure


You continue to stress, the overeating continues and you are back at square ONE.



The diet-binge cycle is why the diet industry is a BILLION dollar moneymaker.  It preys on the emotions and insecurities of women so desperate to lose weight and feel good in their own skin.  When diet mentality is engaged, your eating decisions are made based off of diet rules, your inner rebellious child is released and before you know it you are alone in the kitchen, face first in a bowl of brownie mix.  Diets mandate what you eat, without taking into consideration food preferences, energy needs, hunger, and previous eating history, all which trigger uncontrollable cravings, feelings of stress and deprivation.   Even when you aren’t “dieting” chances are you are stuck in diet mentality placing every food on a “Should” and “Shouldn’t” eat list.


Is it possible to have your cake and eat it too, without guilt, shame, stress and live a healthy life?  I say YES! By beginning a NEW cycle.  More often than not we end up consuming more calories by eating solely off the diet “should” list then if we had just eaten what we really wanted.


Scenario One:

“I’d really like a piece of cake”
“I’ll eat an apple instead”
5 minutes later
“Maybe eating some hummus and carrots will satisfy me”
2 minutes later
“A handful of almonds will do the trick”
“I’ll have some popcorn..”
“Screw it! I’m eating ice cream, straight from the container and I don’t care how much I eat because I’m going to be fat FOREVER!”


Scenario two:

“I’d really like a piece of cake”
Step one: Cut a slice of cake
Step two: ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT! I mean like SERIOUSLY, lick the plate clean. ENJOY IT!
Step three: Release the guilt, shame, body judgment, rules, and mentality placed on you before you could even use a knife.


Scenario three:

“I’d really like a piece of cake”
You cut a slice, you enjoy the hell out of it… moments later… you hear it calling your name to come to eat MORE! NOW WHAT?!
Step one: Check in with your body.  How is it feeling? Are you satisfied?
Step two: Ask yourself what feeling could I be trying to avoid? Loneliness? Stress? Bored?
Step three: Could this be your rebellious child wanting more to prove you can eat whatever you want whenever you want?


Many women fear that if they release control and allow their bodies to guard them on what to eat when to eat and how much to eat they will only gain more weight.  Intuitively listening to your body actually allows you to hear when your body craves nourish foods and when it wants to indulge.  Imagine your last long weekend away celebrating with friends (I know every mom just laughed at me for that one. lol.  Maybe it’s easier to imagine a weekend eating snack bar food followed by pizza and beer with your kid’s team) come Monday how do you feel? If you released the guilt, shame, and judgment from the weekend what message would your body be sending you? More than likely GIRL! GIVE ME SOME WATER! A PIECE OF CHICKEN AND SOMETHING GREEN! But guilt clouds that message and leads us further down the road of dysfunctional eating.  The more time we take a minute to make food choices based on what our body wants and less off of restrictive diet mentality the easier it is to HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO. IN FRONT OF OTHERS, WITHOUT GUILT.