Hey! Hi! How’s it going? What’s up? What’s new? How are you? We spend our days greeting others with a warm smile, a moment of affection, a pause to check in.  Most of us genuinely care how those around are feeling and what’s going on in their life.  We are there to offer support or excitement for the current events in others lives.



When was the last time you stopped and said “Hi. How are you?” to the one person with you all day, every day.  Yourself.  We go about our days stressed, busy, moving from place to place without ever returning “home”.  We allow the chaos of the outside world to disconnect us from our inner self.


Stop for a moment, silence your thoughts, close your eyes, look within yourself.  Now take a deep breath and out loud slowly say




Listen to how your enteral voice naturally responds back to.


“How are you today?”


Listen to those words.  Allow yourself to be open. You may need to ask more than once before you answer with the truth.


“How can I serve you today?”


Listen to message in which your body will send you.  This message may come in many forms.  It’s important to listen quietly and without judgment.  It may be a sudden pain in an area you were unaware of that needs attention. It may be a quiet sense of exhaustion asking you to pause more frequently. It may answer you with a thought of sleep, food that fuels you, a feeling of needing movement, less movement, a sense of routine, a break from routine.  It may simply respond with a Thank You.  Thank you for acknowledging my existence.  Thank you for checking in.  I’m good.  Carry on.


Spend a simple moment every day checking in with yourself.  Your soul will be grateful you care.


Added questions to search deeper inside.


What are you loving about life?


Listen quietly to the first thought you have.  Embrace that.  If it’s a person.  Thank them.  If it’s an action make a point to do that thing daily.


What are your current fears and struggles?


Listen deeply.  These thoughts can be uncomfortable at times.  Sit with that discomfort for a moment.  Give yourself the reassurance you need to carry on. Honor those fears and struggles then make peaceful changes daily to your life to relieve them.


The more you return home and care deeply for yourself, the more open and loving you can be for others.  When the outside world is chaotic and cold, return home.